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(Updated November 1999)

Become a card carry member of the Pulp Racing Gang.  Learn how to make the "P" finger sign.

Yes, it is true.  I am selling out, and acting like the rest of those dot.com guys/girls that are trying to make a quick buck.  But the dot.com folks are buying stupid stuff like extravagant boats that go slow, huge houses that they don't live in, airplanes they can't fly themselves, million dollar paintings that look like a six-year old drew them, etc.   Me, I still live in a rented two bedroom townhome, and I have a more pressing need.......I want to go-faster! Which means I need more expensive go-faster parts. 

Part of this site will be turning into a "Members Only" section that will require a fee.  The NSX-Files Stories and related still pictures will always be free (unless I can figure out a way to make a bunch of money by selling the stories, but most websites that have a "subscription fee" for written content go broke.  And they suck).  But here is my latest theory on the "Members Only" section:

I did a quick sampling of people who surf the internet and are interested in racing.  You know what I found out?  Most of you have used your credit cards to view PORNO SITES!  So let me get this..ah..er...straight.  You will pay money to view relatively ugly, young, naked women in a wide variety of "positions", but you won't pay money to view stuff on the Pulp Racing/ The NSX-Files website?  Something is wrong here, and I think I know  what it is.  The PORNO sites give you online video clips.  Okay, if you drivers out there can pay $19.95 a MONTH to view videos on a Porno Site, I can do the same but better.  I'll charge you $29.94 a YEAR to view online video clips from the NSX-Files Videos archives.  Tentative plan for video clips will be stuff kinda like:

1.  Top Ten Spins and Wipeouts by me

2.  Top Ten Spins by people in front of  me

3.  Best Starts in a Wheel to Wheel Race

4.  Worse Starts in a Wheel to Wheel Race

5.  The "Driving Line" for various tracks like Willow Springs, Laguna Seca, Virginia City Hill Climb, LA Street Race, etc.  It ain't necessarily the BEST driving line for your car, but it is the line I  use.

6.  This will be updated many times during the year, as after each event (which I seem to do monthly), I can put more clips up on the net.  That way, all you people who are waiting for The NSX-Files Volume IV can view the clips immediately, instead of waiting for a year for the clips to get assembled on video tape.

7.  Other miscellaneous Wacky video clips.  (NOTE:  If you have video clips that are "cool" and are about racing, and you own the clips, you might want to sell the clip to me for cheap, and I will post it on the website and stream it for you).

Sounds cool you say?  I am glad you like it.  So I will be spending time over the next month getting the clips ready.  Jeff volunteered to help me with the Ecommerce and credit authorization and security part of this site, so you know that part will be technically cool.  So what do you need to do to prepare to view the video clips? 

1.  Get a Win95/Win98/NT PC, or a PC that will let you run Microsoft Netshow.  Like any other software developer, I am targeting the platform that has the most people on it.  I only have time to digitizing this stuff one time to view online, and I ain't got the time to make stuff work for all you people that are determined to run your "cute" colored Macintoshes,  your geeky Linux machines, your overly expensive Solaris machines, or any other operating system that has less than 85% share of the market.  

2.  Install Microsoft Netshow.  I will be streaming the video via Netshow.

3.  Save up $29.94 to be paid via credit card.  This is important.  Like the Porno sites, you will get a password.  Unlike the Porno sites, you won't be able to send the password to your friends so they can view the video clips for free and rip me off like you all do with the Porno site passwords. (remember, Jeff is helping me with the security, and it will be SECURE, and it will only allow you to run it on one machine).  Maybe you Porno sites should get Jeff to help you with your security needs.  If you have a need to run it on both your home machine and your work machine, we can work something out for a super-super-duper discount for the 2nd password to run on your second machine.

4.  Get a faster network connection.  Microsoft Netshow will work on a 56k line, but the faster your line, the better the show.  I figure most of you perverts out there already have a cable modem/DSL line to view your porno sites.

As always, money back guarantee.  After paying me the cash, if you feel that this part of the site sucks, you of course get your money back.

Forget about watching bland content from NBC, CBS, ABC, WB, etc., instead tune in to Pulp Streaming Video!  Scheduled tentative release date:  December 10, 1999.

[Update: July 2002, 2.5 years later]
Obviously, I uh....never got the video stuff up and running.  Maybe later this year......