7 Tracks in 7 Days to determine who really is the fastest driver/car/team


Update: May 7th. 
Finally got off my ass and updated all the OTC stories.  Hey, what can I say, I had writer's block, and it took a few weeks to recuperate from the OTC.

Autowave is maintaining and tuning the Flamemobile

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This is not the "Official OTC" page.  It is my "unbiased" (heh) interpretation of the events prior to the Open Track Challenge, and a diary of what happened during the event.  It is long......I think it totals almost 100 pages. (hey....now you know why I had writer's block....I was dreading doing the proof reading and re-editing of the stories until they got into a somewhat presentable and readable form.  It's a pain in the ass!)  It's the War and Peace of the Club Racing World!  The below chapters focus more on what was going on in the Unlimited 1, Unlimited 2, and Touring 3 classes, as those were the classes that we entered our cars in.  So if your job is boring, or you already read all the topics on your favorite BBS, or you just got lots of idle time on your hands, there is enough reading material below to keep you occupied for quite some time. 

So now, I present to you......

The Hope. The Glory. The Scandal.  The Redemption. The Truth!

(Note: You will need a high speed internet connection to view the stories, as the stories are long and there are lots of pictures.  But I did that so you can click on the page, read the whole story without annoying popup adds, and avoid clicking on multiple pages for the same chapter. waiting for multiple other pages to load.  For those of you on dial up, you can always click on the page, wait 10 minutes, then come back after thing has loaded..  No mercy for you guys still on dial up.  UPGRADE YOUR CONNECTION!  After all, it is 2003!)

April 5, Day 0 - Commentary about what happened in the days prior to the Open Track Challenge

April 6, Day 1 - Commentary about the Pahrump results. 

April 7, Day 2 - Commentary about the Las Vegas Derek Daily Track. 

April 8, Day 3 - Commentary about the Buttonwillow results. 

April 9, Day 4 - Commentary about the Thunderhill results. 

April 10, Day 5 - Commentary about the Thunderhill reverse results. 

April 11, Day 6 - Commentary about the Willow Springs Event.  

April 12, Day 7 - Commentary about the Las Vegas Derek Daily Track reverse results. 

April 12, Final Results - And the Winner is....

There are a lot of diaries about the OTC Experience.  Other places to go for reading material are:

Jason Rhoades - my S2000 co-driver (Touring 3) and also co-driver for David Kennedy's Supercharged S2000 (Unlimited 2)

Rylan Hazelton - S2000 driver in Unlimited 3

Greg Hardee - NSX Driver in Touring 2

Jack Olsen - Porsche 911 driver in Touring 2

DJ Johnson and Team Radical - Radical Driver in Unlimited 1

Martin Check - Eclipse Driver in Touring 3

Darren Foo - Supra Driver in Touring 2

The Flying Miata Team - Miata Team in Unlimited 3

Young-Kyu Yoo - BMW and Miata driver in T4

Eddie Wann & Mike Nakato - Miata Team in T4

If you got a diary about the OTC, let send me the link so I can put it here.

Next project, I will update the Hall of Fame.....sorry abou the delay.

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