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The Top 10 Favorite Sites
of the NSX-Files 
(and other cool links)
Updated finally after 5 years on 4-29-2005

So you got insomnia, and you are bored of reading the same old sites? Here are my picks for the top 10 best sites on the web for those of you that have insomnia and need something to read.  I present......

1. The Corner-Carvers - which is a site where ultra-competitive Type-A personalities talk a lot of shit about racing and investments. Sick and tired of bulletin boards that post, "My friend's turbo-charged Type R with clear rear lens caps will kick your friend's Nitrous injected supercharged Civic with the purple under carriage lights in a street race", and "I got this friend who says that this real estate stock selling for $2 a share is going to pop up to $20 a share in the next month, buy it now"? Then checkout The Corner-Carvers.   See in depth analysis of suspensions, lap times, and general road racing fun.

2. The Drudge Report - Matt tells you the dirt before anyone else.  Be "in the know" before the scandals come out!

3. Mark's Friggin.com - Daily updates of what happened on the Howard Stern show.  Complete Archives.  So now that you know what happened on the show, then you can sorta figure out what will be on the E! Show, or his Saturday night show.  If you hate Howard Stern, it is because you have not listened to three of his radio shows in a row.   Once you do that, you will understand the humor, and you will understand the "inside jokes", that are going on all the time.  Dagmar didn't like him at first, but now she is hooked also.  He has the most awesome interviews with people like Courtney Love, Cindy Crawford, Chris Rock, Robert De Niro, etc.  The interviews are awesome, because he will ask questions that the rest of those phony interviewers (Larry King, Barbara Walters, etc.) will NEVER ask (or be allowed to ask) on regular network TV.

4.  The Boot's Bruce Springsteen Home Page - click on "Newsroom" to see how the tour is progressing.  Prior to seeing Springsteen in 1978, I saw probably 110 different concerts, including the biggies, like Led Zepplin, The Who, The Stones, Pink Floyd, Rod Stewart, etc. etc.  After seeing Springsteen,  I stopped going to other concerts, as all other concerts sucked in comparison.  (Yes, live with the E-Street band in an indoors venue,  he is better than the Clash, Johnny Lydon, etc. etc. etc.  I saw them all) From 1978 to 1994?, I saw Springsteen live about 45 times or so.   If you can see him live, indoors, with the E-Street Band, it will be one of those rush moments that you will remember the rest of your life, and then you too, will be addicted.  He doesn't come across on TV or on CD's that good, you have to experience it live.  No two concerts are ever the same, he constantly changes the songlist.  His band can instantly play awesome cover versions of probably 40 different artists songs depending on Bruce's mood at that moment on stage.  No other group ever opens for him, as he and the band do an exhaustive song check before every concert to make sure the sound is perfect, and he doesn't want an opening band screwing up the sound system.  No sponsorship deals, no corporate logos on the stage, no stupid beer commercials, no stupid props/gimmicks, none of that bullshit stuff.  Just him and the band, all playing with a lot of stage presence that today's performers sorely lack.  Some great quotes from back in the early 80's went something like this:

Reporter:  "Where to you reach for the energy to do it?   You are playing for nearly four hours, sometimes three nights in a row.   Occassionally, you have to be tired."

Bruce:  "You know, tonight is TONIGHT, and what you do tonight, you don't make up for tomorrow, and you don't ride on what you did last night.  I always keep in my mind that you only have one chance.  Some guy bought his ticket, and there's a promise made between the musician and the audience.  When they support each other, that's a special thing.  It goes real deep, and most people take it too lightly.  If you break the pact, or take it too lightly, nothing makes sense.   It's at the heart of everything, I'm not sure how.  When I am on stage and running on empty, I just think of the promise to the guy or girl who's down there, a promise that's made from hundreds or thousands of miles away.  It's no different than if you stood with this person and shook his hand".

"The whole idea is to deliver what money can't buy.   That's the idea of going out there.  You don't go out there to deliver seven dollars and fifty cents worth of music.  My whole thing is to go out there and deliver what they could not possibly buy.  And if you do that, you've done whatever you could".

Try to catch a show, it will be a religious experience.  You will have to pay big bucks to scalpers, but it will be worth it, and it could change your philosophy of life.   It did for me.   And you will realize how much other concerts suck after seeing him and the E-Street Band.

5.  NSX Prime - The best informational site about owning, buying, selling, maintaining, modifying, and driving the Acura NSX.  Check out the awesome FAQ.

6. www.phoneguys.com  - Not really my one of my favorite top 10 sites, but Wayne insisted that it be put here so he can keep buying go-fast parts.  Wayne buys and sells used business phone systems.  So if you need a multi-line phone system from 2 to 50 phones for your business, you can pay AT&T, Toshiba, Norstar, etc,  big bucks, or you can get them from Wayne for up to 60% off, and the phones look just as new.   Example:  You need a 20 phone system for your small/medium size business, and the big phone monopolies want to charge you $30,000 for the equipment?  Call Wayne, you can probably get the same stuff, slight used, cleaned up and all shiny, and have enough left over to buy a couple of used Tony Shifter Karts or go-fast parts for your car.

That's the end of the top 10.  But there are other cool links to checkout:

1.  David Huang's www.realride.com. David is also selling some video tapes of in-car camera.  I haven't seen it yet, but it looks interesting.

2.  Comptech USA - www.comptechusa.com. Comptech makes a bunch of go-fast parts for the NSX and Integras.  Need a supercharger for you NSX?  Here's the place where I got mine!