(note: Pulp Store is currently closed, but this is what page looked like)
Pulp Racing Gear

Be the first on your block to get the official Pulp Racing Shirt

Hey, you like the free stories on this website?  Do you get hours of inexpensive, "quiet time"  reading about the wacky adventures on this website?  Do you want this site to continue to update you with entertaining stories?   THEN BUY A T-SHIRT FROM ME SO I CAN STAY IN BUSINESS.  These 100% Hanes Beefy T-Shirts are available for $20 (includes shipping, handling, packaging, and labor). 

Here's the rear view

Colors available are natural (kinda like a light tan), and black.   Black is good if you wear it to the track and you end up working on your car and getting grease all over your shirt.  The natural is more for everyday use, dinner parties, hot dates, etc.  The colors should not fade very much, as I took them to the best T-Shirt Silkscreening Company I could find.  These are Hanes Beefy T-Shirts, not that cheap ultra thin T-Shirts you get from other manufacturers.

Also comes in Black.  Here's the front.


Here's the rear view of the black shirts

Coming soon will be coffee mugs, etc.

Below is my Pricing info/Customer Service Policy info.  Can you now please process my Merchant Card order, so I can start taking mass quantities of orders over the Internet?   You are holding up my business!

Pricing:  20 Bucks.  Includes shipping, handling, tariffs, duties, etc.  If you are in California, is it $20 + $1.70 for tax, so $21.70.   Yes, this is a legitimate business, and the California wants their tax dollars from me.  Don't forget to tell me if you want Black or Natural color.  Comes in Medium, Large, Extra Large, And Extra-Extra Large ( costs $2 more for you big guys)

Customer Service Policy Information: 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.  This is a high quality shirt, printed by a high quality T-Shirt company, and imprinted with a high quality brand.  If you ain't happy, ship it back to me, and you get your money back.

NOTE:  As of around January 2008,  Pulp Store is currently closed for uh....let's say remodeling.  Maybe it will re-open in 2015!

Questions?  Email dougha@msn.com