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PULP (pulp) n. 1. A Soft, Moist, shapeless mass of matter.
2.  A magazine or book containing lurid subject matter and
being characteristically printed on rough, unfinished paper.
(Source: American Heritage Dictionary: New College Edition)

RACING (race) n. 1. the sport of engaging in contests of speed
(Source: Wordnet 1.6, Princeton University)

A lot of people have asked me, "What does Pulp Racing Mean?".  Above are the definitions.

If you combine the words "Pulp" and "Racing", you end up with a website that is devoted to stories and adventures that deal with the "Racing Experience".  I started this website back in May 1996 as a project to learn more about the Internet and making simple webpages.  It was going to be mainly a "text" website, then my wife got involved and started doing the graphics stuff to make it look decent.  The site started to take on a life of its own, and kept growing and growing.  A large part of my life is now spent updating this site, and doing as much local club racing as I can without going broke and pissing off the wife.  There are approximately 8+ gigabytes of files on this site and 15,000+ pictures.

Click here for a history of this website (note, history has not been updated in years).  This website is also known as The NSX-Files.  I am in the process of changing the "Branding" of the site to be Pulp Racing, as I am doing more stuff that is non-NSX related, and the fact that the name of my company is Pulp Racing.

I also have a bunch of pages that I call "Pulp Commentary", which is stuff that I randomly composed about subjects not relating to racing.  If you want to read more opinions about "Stuff that Doesn't Suck, Stuff that Really Sucks, and Opinions on Stuff that Matters", check it out!