NSX Short Short Stories

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NSX Used to Find Friend
I first met Wayne when he was living across the street from me about 7 years ago. At that time, he was broke, renting a bedroom for $300, drove a beat-up pickup truck, and was selling used phones out of his bedroom. He saw me ripping around the corner by our street at a high speed, and then in his usual quiet self, yelled out, "HEY, GIMME A RIDE IN YOUR CAR", as I unloaded my laundry from the laundromat. He could not figure out why someone who drives an NSX rents a house with no washer and no dryer and goes to the coin laundromat every Saturday morning. We went for a ride, and I let him drive the NSX, and he almost killed us on a high-speed onramp by braking in the middle of the turn instead of keeping a steady throttle. We have been hanging out ever since that day. Wayne now has 8 people working for him at his successful startup company,
PHONE GUYS USA. Since that day five years ago, he went from a used $1500 Toyota pickup truck to a 1982 911SC to a 1984 911 Turbo look. He ended up selling both of those Porsches. Unfortunately, he also bought a Porsche 944 Turbo to take to the racetrack, and an NSX to cruise around town in. Then, in early 1999, he copied me and bought an F355 GTS.  So now, because of his addiction to racing and exotic cars, he is now more broke than he was before he met me……….I never said my friendship was cheap…..

Wayne and Doug – Separated at Birth?
Wayne decided to get rid of his obsession with Porsche and bought an NSX, after seeing the torture and abuse that my NSX can take with minimal maintenance and repairs. He was the previous owner of a 911SC and a 911 Turbo-look. He checks out a bunch of cars, and then finally finds a 1992 Red NSX with 4000 miles on in with Arizona registration. The car is immaculate, and is owned by one of the members of the rock group Slayer. He ends up buying the car. The car is identical to mine. (He's been known to copy whatever I do!) After he gets the car, we find out that is car is one VIN number higher than mine, his #478, mine #477. What are the chances of THAT happening?

Wanna Be Race Car Driver
I am sitting at the ATM machine at a bank in Huntington Beach. A 35-year old woman walks up to me, looking thoroughly embarrassed. She says, "Uh, my five year old son is in the car, and he would like to know if he could have your autograph". I guess by seeing my car with the flames and decals on it, the kid must think I am a real racecar driver. I say sure, she motions to her son, and he comes running out of the car with a pen and paper. I give him one of my NSX-Files business cards, and autograph the card. Kid says thanks and runs back to car, looking very happy. Now I know what Michael Schumacher feels like when he signs his autograph. And all it costs me is $200 in decals.

The Internet – Anyone can be a Star.
Wayne. Dagmar and I are ripping down Pacific Coast Highway in our cars. There are two guys in a rented convertible that are following us, and taking pictures of the cars. They are smiling and waving at us. They pull up along side as we are driving, and they yell out, "Hey, we read about you in Canada from your Web Page." My wife and I crack up. The Internet – It can make you Famous.

Decals Give You Respect - sorta
Before I put decals on my car, at virtually ever stoplight, there would be some guy in a lowered Honda/Mustang/Toyota revving their engine on me, trying to get me to race him down the street. After the decals, NO ONE revs their engine on me. It is like they are either:

  1. Intimidated by the decals. "Is this a REAL racecar next to me?"
  2. Fascinated by the decals. "Wow! Is this a REAL racecar driver next to me?"
  3. Amazed that someone would butcher an NSX buy putting Decals on the car. "What a Dork!"

The NSX-Files Video Tape Project
Originally, my wife and I did this a project because it was fun and creative, and we’d figured we could sell a couple copies of them. We started to feed on each other’s idea, and pretty soon instead of a simple video tape, we had hired a Video Editor to help edit the scenes, and we started doing artwork and liner notes. As kind of a gag, we decided to sell a couple of copies off the web page. Little did we know that we would blow out 140+ copies of the tape. I keep telling her if I buy an F50, and mount cameras all over the car, and take it to the track, I could perhaps recoup the cost of the F50. So far, she ain’t convinced………. but if I can sell 15,000 copies of the F50-Files, I could break even…..

Crashed NSX – Is it Wayne or Doug?
Wayne and I are going to our weekly softball game on Wednesday night in Huntington Beach. On the street outside the softball field, there is a horrible wreck. Apparently a Red NSX hopped the curb and crashed into a tree. Rumor has it the driver had a heart attack while driving, and went off the road and wrecked. Naturally, everyone on the team who came to the field immediately thought either Wayne or myself boneheaded and crashed into the tree. Now what are the possibilities of three Red NSXes showing up at the same spot on earth at the same time?

Two Way Radio Communication
Wayne can’t ever stop talking. He ended up buying some used Motorola Two Way radios, and now we use them ALL the time in our cars. (Hey, we never car pool, this is Southern California, where every real person has to drive their own car wherever they go, even if two people are going to the exact same place at the exact same time taking the exact same route.) The radios are extremely useful, once you use them, you can’t ever go back to using hand signals when you are caravaning to a location. This way, when we are crusing at high speeds, Wayne can watch the front and the oncoming traffic for cops, and I can watch my review view mirror and check to see if any officers are getting on the onramp of the freeway and scan the sky for Aircraft that maybe clocking us. We realized that we needed more radios, so we can loan them out to our friends when we go cruising around. Wayne picked up two more used radios from some dude real cheap (Wayne buys everything used so he never takes a depreciation hit, stuff like NSXes, Porsches, radios, racing suit, racing helmets, racing shoes, phones, Rolex watches, stereos, VCRs, computers, etc) Unfortunately, now we had two VHF radios, and two UHF radios. VHF doesn’t talk to UHF, so we have two sets of two radios that can’t talk to the other set. I picked up another VHF radio. Then realized that we should go with the two watt yellow dot radios that Radio Shack sells, since we can make those talk to the high-end Motorola radios that you can rent from Bear Communications. So I bought two of those. Then I lost one of the yellow dot radios. Now we got 2 sets of 3 radios that can’t talk to each other. Wayne got a hold of some used high-powered radios that use repeaters so we can talk long distances, supposedly 20+ miles instead of the 1 mile radius of our other radios. Unfortunately, these two new radios don’t talk either of the 2 sets of 3 radios that we already have. So now we have 3 sets of radios, eight radios in total, of which no more than 3 can talk at the same time. So now if we have five cars in a caravan, one of us has to have two radios, to make sure all five people can get the same info as to where we are going, when to stop for a bathroom break, where the cops are, etc. If we have six cars in a caravan, then one person would have to have 3 radios to coordinate between everyone. Confusing? I think so…..maybe hand signals would be better….

Cool Christmas Presents
Christmas 1994 was a cool Xmas. My girlfriend bought me headers and exhaust for the NSX. Needless to say, 9 months later I married her………and she still lets me go racing!