Why I Bought the NSX

To Quote Batman "It's the car, chicks love the car"

Back in 1991, I decided I needed to have an exotic sports car. So, instead of buying a house/condo, I decided, "screw it, I will just rent for the rest of my life", and went shopping for an exotic. Ferrari 348's were too expensive, Porsche 911's seem a little spartan and primitive(that German interior), and the NSX was getting some fabulous reviews in Car and Driver, Road and Track, etc. On January 2, 1992, I decided was ready to do it, and ended up purchasing an NSX at Torrance Acura for the sticker price. Some of the other dealers that I shopped at wanted anywhere from $10,000 to $12,000 over the sticker price. The sales person would not even allow me to test drive the car, and instead showed me copies of magazines saying it was the best sports car in the world, what more did I need to know?

I have not regretted buying the NSX. (especially since real estate prices collapsed in Southern California, and I know many people that ain't happy that their house is now worth a LOT less now than in 1992 and never had the chance to drive an exotic like the NSX) I currently have 126,000+ hard, hard miles on the car as of October  4, 1998. It goes to the redline several times a day. It has been to about 60 time trial events at road racing course such as Willow Springs(17), Laguna Seca(5), Las Vegas(3), ButtonWillow(9), and the Virgina City Hillclimb(5), and two PRO Racing enduros. I have been to about 3 autocross events, but the NSX really ain't a great autocross vehicle due to low torque at low RPMS. The Corvettes really do well at the autocross events in my class. I have taken it to the drag strip once, and got dusted by souped up Preludes and Integras, and have not gone back.

I have about 126,000 miles on the car, with about 9,000 of those miles on the racetrack. Considering the abuse that the car has taken so far, it is quite remarkable as to how well it stands up.

My NSX never burns or leaks oil, and the oil is always perfectly clear. I have not had any engine problems. I have had the following parts replaced:

Four clutches. (Hummm….perhaps do that heel and toe thing a little better?)

Transmission blew up at 18,000 miles. Acura replace free of charge. Apparently a small metal ring in the transmission shattered, and thrashed the entire transmission.

Two electric Windows motors.

The rear trunk struts that would not hold up the trunk anymore.

Rear CV Boot/Joint/bearing. (probably from spinning off the racetrack at Button Willow)

Front A-arm (bushing was shot. Could be from track abuse). Problem was that this was $700+ to fix.

Wheel Bearings, driver's rear at 95,000 miles, passenger rear at 102,000 miles

I have other friends who haven't been so lucky with their cars. Check out my friend Jeff Littrell's Mazda Sucks home page at http://www.bhs.com /fca/mazda After Jeff's successful lawsuit against Mazda, he couldn't figure out what other high performance car he could get for the price of a used RX-7 and still be real fast on the track, so he went out and bought ANOTHER used RX-7 with the proceeds from his lawsuit. Unfortunately, the second RX-7 is also in the shop a lot, and I think he is getting ready to trash it for something a little more, uh, Italian shall we say........

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